Wij zijn een internationale groothandel en de exclusieve importeur voor de beste merken in wijn en sterke drank binnen de BENELUX en andere Europese, westerse landen. De Royal Beverages Group is actief in de wereldwijde import en export van de beste alcoholische drankmerken. De kernactiviteiten omvatten onder andere de exclusieve import, export en distributie van luxe merkproducten bestaand uit alcoholische dranken.

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Royal Beverages Group

Through wide networks of parallel channels, Royal Beverages Group, last years, has assumed its position as a parallel trading company active in buying and selling top branded liquors worldwide.

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We are able to provide very competitive pricing for all its offerings because of company’s wide and ever-expanding network, direct contracts with its suppliers and producers of top branded wines and spirits.

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Royal Beverages Group

  • An international wholesaler of top branded wines and spirits.
  • Exclusive distributor for Yerevan Brandy Company (Pernod Richard Group)  of Legendary Armenian Brandy “ArArAt” within BENELUX and Scandinavian markets.
  • An exclusive distributor for exceptional Armenian wine KARASI  (ZORAH Armenia) within BENELUX and Scandinavian markets.
  • Parallel trading company, active in the import and export worldwide of top branded liquors. Core business activities include exclusive importing & exporting and distribution of luxury branded products comprising of alcoholic beverages.
  • Prides itself as being a trustworthy, reliable business which prioritizes building positive client relationships as its business foundation. It views each business transaction as a long-term promise and partnership, with effective communication as its fundamental platform.

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