Brand Symbol

The legendary Phoenix is a symbol of eternal renewal. Thanks to its ability to be reborn and its limitless vitality, the idea of such a bird entered into the mythological culture of many countries under different names: Benu in Egypt, Zharptitsa in Russia, Huma in Iran and Feihuan in China.

Armenia also has its own Phoenix – Azarar Blbul, “the nightingale of a thousand voices with feathers of fire”. Burning to death only to reemerge from the ashes, the bird has always been present in the Armenian artistic tradition as a symbol of the immortality of art. Armenia itself is often compared to the Phoenix, as the country managed to rebuild itself after many extremely difficult periods of history.

The ArArAt brand went through a relatively quiet period during the Soviet era, but now it has reached a whole new level, characterized by rapid growth, renewal and prosperity, which is why a new symbol has been selected – namely, the Phoenix.

The letter A, which encircles the bird, is very important for the brand. Above all, it symbolizes Armenia, as well as the sacred Mount ArArAt and the first letter of the alphabet. Its important mission is also to stand for the highest “A-rated” quality.

This new unique brand symbol is a badge of distinction for ArArAt brandies. It emphasizes their legendary value and guarantees supreme quality.