Brand History

ArArAt brandies by Yerevan Brandy Company are a true legend. They encapsulate the spirit of Armenia with its vast cultural and historic heritage and they showcase the craftsmanship of Armenian artisans. Since the end of the 19th century this drink has been an integral element of quality lifestyle for many generations. Today ArArAt remains the most widely known and successful brand not only in Armenia, but also in the whole world. It has always been the flagship of Armenian brandies.

The production of brandy in Armenia was established in 1887. This is also the birth year of innovations, which over the years have become a signature feature of the ArArAt brand. Nerses Tairyan, a merchant of the top guild, built a wine and vodka factory here, and later launched the production of the first Armenian brandies. In a few years the enterprise was purchased by a famous Russian company N.L. Shustov & Sons. Since then Armenian brandies have been an indispensable element of His Imperial Majesty’s dining ceremonies. In 1902 there was a real breakthrough – the Armenian brandy won the Grand Prix in Paris, which was considered a testament to its superior quality, a sign of leadership and its innovative approach to the making of spirits. In 1953 it was transferred to the new monumental building – the pride of Armenia – and renamed the Yerevan Brandy Company. The factory, furnished with the most modern equipment, continues to manufacture the legendary Armenian ArArAt brandies to this day.

Now the history of ArArAt is going through another transitional phase. Phoenix, a legendary fiery bird, has become the brand’s new symbol, which stands for the positive change. In public conscience Phoenix personifies renovation and prosperity, as well as adherence to tradition. In the last 5 years ArArAt has become the CIS market leader not only among Armenian brandies, but also among all non-French brandies. The brand’s active position and innovations stimulated the development of the industry as a whole. Thanks to the company’s efforts premium alcohol segment was widely broadened, its sales volumes skyrocketed, creating a positive impact on neighboring industries.

ArArAt’s undeniably high status and universal brand recognition facilitated the recent sweeping overhaul: the packaging for the entire ArArAt line has been modernized. In a contemporary rendition of classic forms, ArArAt now boasts a hot new image. These changes in the life of the brand emphasize the status of an undisputed leader that it enjoys in the world of premium brandies.

ArArAt remains true to its ambition to maintain high quality standards for the entire alcohol industry. The overhauled design of the packaging for these Armenian brandies is one of the elements of this ambitious plan.

Each of the 7 brandies included in the ArArAt line – 3 stars, 5 stars, Ani, Otborny, Akhtamar, Vaspurakan and Nairi – has its own unique taste.